Matthew Koehler
Picture of Matthew Koehler
Aric Gaunt
Picture of Aric Gaunt
Spencer Greenhalgh
Picture of Spencer Greenhalgh

Ames House Lead Teaching Assistant: Spencer Greenhalgh
Annabel Barger
Picture of Annabel Barger
Thomas E Bieri
Picture of Thomas E Bieri
Laura Brown
Picture of Laura Brown
Kim Comeau
Picture of Kim Comeau
Bridget Dennehy
Picture of Bridget Dennehy
Katherine Hsieh
Picture of Katherine Hsieh
Jen Mathieson
Picture of Jen Mathieson
Stephanie Scheldt
Picture of Stephanie Scheldt
Lindsay Achtman's Teaching Portfolio
Picture of Lindsay Achtman's Teaching Portfolio
Sara Tauqi
Picture of Sara Tauqi
Janine Widzinski
Picture of Janine Widzinski
Gina Wilkins
Picture of Gina Wilkins
Denise Crudup
Picture of Denise Crudup
Lisa Shin
Picture of Lisa Shin
Brooke Woodstock
Picture of Brooke Woodstock
Courtney Eichhorn
Picture of Courtney Eichhorn
Tori Haber
Picture of Tori Haber

Mishra House Lead Teaching Assistant: Aric Gaunt
Bryen McGuire
Picture of Bryen McGuire
De'Angelo Smith
Picture of De'Angelo Smith
Jen Keyte
Picture of Jen Keyte
David Talbot
Picture of David Talbot
Brian VanDeventer
Picture of Brian VanDeventer
Jennifer Scandle
Picture of Jennifer Scandle
Woei Wang
Picture of Woei Wang
Craig Bell
Picture of Craig Bell
Jennifer Rudolph
Picture of Jennifer Rudolph
Erik Borresen
Picture of Erik Borresen
Erich Beregszaszy
Picture of Erich Beregszaszy
Alana Kooi
Picture of Alana Kooi
Jeff Piechowski
Picture of Jeff Piechowski
Becky Whitaker
Picture of Becky Whitaker
Rachel Matz
Picture of Rachel Matz
Kelly Udelsman
Picture of Kelly Udelsman
Andrea Dashe
Picture of Andrea Dashe



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