What is a Gravatar and how do I set mine up?

What’s a Gravatar?

There are a number of ways for Internet users to create an avatar, or an iconic representation of themselves. In this course, we use the Gravatar (Globally Recognized AVATAR) service.

You’ll sign up for a Gravatar at gravatar.com and then navigate to wordpress.com to enter your display name, upload a picture, and add a link to your website. Here is the cool part: Gravatars are widely recognized on the Web, so if you use that e-mail address to sign up for a new service or website, chances are that your avatar will be automatically recognized.

How do I set up my Gravatar?

We’ve made a video that explains all the steps. We hope you enjoy:

Checking to see if it works

If you’re in the capstone portfolio course, you can check your Gravatar on the course roster page (after Module 1), or on the Gravatar checker tool.


  • Gravatar sometimes takes as long as 10 minutes to update.
  • Make sure you’re using your MSU email address. That’s the only address we will use for you in this course.
  • If your image is not showing up and you’re sure you set it correctly, be sure you uploaded an image with a “G” rating. We cannot display anything without a G-rated image.

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