Matthew Koehler
Picture of Matthew Koehler
Aric Gaunt
Picture of Aric Gaunt
Spencer Greenhalgh
Picture of Spencer Greenhalgh

Ames House Lead Teaching Assistant: Spencer Greenhalgh
Joy Hopkins
Picture of Joy Hopkins
Morgan Pertler
Picture of Morgan Pertler
Terry Cheng
Picture of Terry Cheng
Brian Claesson-Patten
Picture of Brian Claesson-Patten
Shannon Small
Picture of Shannon Small
Picture of SoniaJolliffe
Jaime Trullinger
Picture of Jaime Trullinger
Kelsey Shoemaker
Picture of Kelsey Shoemaker
Todd Boynton
Picture of Todd Boynton
Kris Hicar
Picture of Kris Hicar
Wendell Luckow
Picture of Wendell Luckow

Mishra House Lead Teaching Assistant: Aric Gaunt
Katie Field
Picture of Katie Field
Laurie Fernandez
Picture of Laurie Fernandez
Glen Miller
Picture of Glen Miller
Emily Werner
Picture of Emily Werner
Erin Dennis
Picture of Erin Dennis
Hayley Irwin
Picture of Hayley Irwin
Ellen Weaver
Picture of Ellen Weaver
Ryan Smith
Picture of Ryan Smith
Nicole Mifsud
Picture of Nicole Mifsud
Luke Zaccaro
Picture of Luke Zaccaro



HELP on setting up your Gravatar

Here are a few tips as you try to get your gravatar working. Full help available in Module OE

What no gravatar looks like

Means you have not created a Gravatar with your MSU email

What a gravatar account looks like, but without an image set

Means you have a Gravatar account, but have not yet set a (rated G) image.

What it looks like when your set your website address on Gravatar

Means you have updated your Gravatar profile with your website address.

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