If you need a hand posting to Piazza, here is a walkthrough of the process:


Step 1 – Know which house you are in. To get started, you have to be able to head to the correct place. Each group, or house, has their own space in Piazza. You can double check which house you are in by going to the “Roster & Houses” page at the top of this website.

Step 2 – Visit Piazza. Once you know which house you are in, use the “Class Discussion” links on the right hand side of the page to go directly to your house’s discussion space on Piazza. In order for this to work, you must have previously accepted the Piazza invitation sent to your MSU email account and completed all the Piazza steps.

Step 3 – Find the correct discussion. The screenshot on the right is similar to what you should see when you visit Piazza. We have already set up the post for each module that will be using Piazza (see the list in the screenshot). Find the appropriate module for the week and click on it!

Step 4 – Read the directions carefully. At the top of each post there are directions on how to complete the module post for full credit: Please read them! Each module has different directions, so make sure you read the directions for the correct module!

Step 5 – Reply to the post by clicking on “Start a new followup discussion.” This is found at the very bottom of the discussion, so if a number of people have already replied, you may have to scroll down to find it. Once you click “Start a new followup discussion,” type your post and hit “Submit”.

Step 6 – Provide feedback to two housemates. The goal is to provide feedback to two people. Your priority should be to provide feedback to someone who hasn’t yet received any feedback. If everyone has some feedback, give feedback to the housemate you think needs your input the most. When constructing your feedback, please consider the kind of feedback you would like to get in return. Click the “Write a Reply” button beneath their post and submit your feedback to that person. Remember, you must provide feedback to two people (some exceptions are listed below in Bonuses and Bummers Policy).

You can find some more advice for giving effective feedback in the Piazza posts for each module. Providing feedback comprises your Feedback Grade for the week. We look for elaboration beyond “good job!” and ask that you engage with your housemates’ work and provide your insight as to the specific things you appreciate and think could be improved upon.

Bonuses and Bummers Policy

When you post in Piazza at the end of a Module, you are usually expected to provide feedback to two of your housemates.

Our Bonuses and Bummers policy describes exceptions to this expectation as follows:

  • Bonus – If you’re the first person to submit your work for a Mission/Powerup, you do not have to provide any feedback to anyone.
  • Bonus – If you’re the second person to submit your work for a Mission/Powerup, you only have to provide feedback to one person (the person who submitted first).
  • Bummer – If you’re the last person to submit your work for a Mission/Powerup, you probably won’t receive any feedback from anyone.

How will you know when someone has posted to your house? There is a “More” button at the bottom of each post in Piazza. Click that pull-down menu and either select “Follow” or “Stop following” depending upon whether or not you want to receive notices about that discussion. We recommend that you follow discussions for your house (but that’s up to you).

Stuck? Want help with the technical parts? If you’re getting stuck using your web-authoring platform, follow the Tech Support link. It’s on the right hand side of the capstone website, below the houses under “Course Discussions.” Please note that there is no actual “tech support” page. Instead, this links to a note we created on Piazza that has instructions for posting a tech support question where your instructors and classmates can give you some advice.

Of course, this system only works if you help answer questions too, so don’t forget to keep an eye out for your classmates’ questions!