Powerups are portfolio components that can add value, personality, and diversity to your portfolio. There are a couple of things to keep in mind about Powerups.

  • How to Choose – Choose the Powerups that make the most sense for your portfolio, keeping in mind your intended audience and how you’ll want to use your portfolio after the end of this course. Do NOT simply choose to do the Powerups that look the easiest to complete.
  • Number of Powerups Required – Three Powerups are required in every portfolio.
  • Extra Credit is Available – Up to five extra points can be obtained in the course by making Powerups beyond the minimum number. Points awarded this way depend upon the number and quality of extra Powerups completed.
  • Due Dates – We recommend the following timing to stay on track with Powerups. While there are not late penalties associated with Powerups, it is in your best interest to try to stick to this schedule in order to stay on pace to successfully complete the course.
    • First Powerup – Complete by the end of Module 5
    • Second Powerup – Complete by the end of Module 8
    • Third Powerup – Complete by the end of Module 11
  • Grading of Powerups – Please keep in mind that we do not assess Powerups as they come in. When you complete an Powerup, you will let us (and your classmates!) know by posting to a special Powerup thread in Piazza — the last Mission tab of whichever module you’re currently on will let you know how to do that.

    However, like the rest of your portfolio, we assume that they are works in progress, and we don’t want to interrupt that progress by putting a number on it. We’ll take a look at your Powerups when we do mid-semester feedback, but even then you won’t see any points for your Powerups until the end of the semester.

  • Pre-Approved Powerups vs. Making your Own – We have organized the Powerups by some broad categories. Make sure you scroll to see all the Powerups available to you.
    Please do not create your own Powerups without checking with us first! If you have an Powerup in mind that’s not on the list, Contact Us using the link in the menu, and we’ll be happy to work with you.


Pre-approved Professional Presence Powerups

8745278368_d536344fd2_h Professional Online Image – Unlike most social networks, LinkedIn is dedicated to the world of work. That doesn’t mean that you can’t post the results to your latest Buzzfeed quiz, but it will look a little bit out of place next to the job recommendations and professional advice that everyone else is posting. A carefully-crafted LinkedIn profile can serve as an easy way to connect with other professionals in your field and to let potential employers find and learn about you.
About.me_icon Online Business Card – If LinkedIn is an online resumé, think of about.me as your online business card. This site allows you to craft a succinct, attractive, and memorable homepage that you can use to link to the rest of your Web presence.
about_me About Me Page – A well-crafted About Me page on your portfolio can give your readers a concise and clear image of who you are as a professional. This page can also allow you to show off our personal side, family, hobbies, or talents.
computer Active Blog – Your professional presence could be strengthened from expressing your ideas with the world through a blog. Blogs do not need to be about one specific topic; they can be places to generate and share ideas, update others on accomplishments, and to keep track of attendance at conferences and professional development opportunities.


Pre-Approved Classroom Teaching and Practice Powerups

8745278368_d536344fd2_h Gallery of Student Work – Few things can tell your story as an educator better than the voices of your students as evidenced in their work. If you’re a classroom teacher, consider adding a gallery that showcases the work that your students do. This is one way your portfolio may help connect you to parents, fellow teachers, and even administrators.
classroom About My Classroom – Almost everyone will have an “About Me” page on their portfolio, but not everyone will have an “About My Classroom” page. Now is your chance to make one! The goal of this page is to convey to parents, fellow teachers, and prospective employers what your classroom looks like in theory and in practice.
Philosophy Teaching Philosophy – Developing a written teaching philosophy provides a wonderful opportunity to reflect on your teaching values, beliefs, and goals. A teaching philosophy is a vehicle to communicate your educational beliefs and standards to a wider audience in a compelling manner.
8745278368_d536344fd2_h Gallery of Links – One of the ways you can be an effective teacher is to help direct students to high-quality resources to supplement their learning. In creating a gallery of links, you create a library of “teacher-approved” websites for your students (or their parents) to use for self-directed, lifelong learning.


Pre-Approved Employment / Career Seeking Powerups

text Cover Letter – A cover letter showcases your ability to communicate skill sets and experiences you have that qualify you for a certain job. Whether you are looking at a certain job or would just like to have a sample cover letter ready to be tweaked when another opportunity comes around, writing a cover letter is a good exercise that will allow you to apply for a job you have in mind or reflect what jobs you might like to have in the future.
check Professional Development Transcript – If you work in education, you’ve likely participated in a variety of different programs and certifications through training days and choice learning. Since there is not always a convenient place to list these on your résumé, consider making a comprehensive document along the lines of the Annotated Transcript that lists and describes your additional achievements and qualifications.
badge Badges – Mozilla Open Badges is a platform that offers a place to demonstrate technical (and other) skills in a single place. You may be interested in earning and displaying badges that serve as digital credentials for your real-world skills and achievements.