If you’re looking for inspiration for your portfolio, check out the links below. Each of these links represents an example of this Mission from a previous semester that has done well and that you should feel free to emulate. However, that doesn’t mean that these examples are perfect, so please don’t copy them exactly! After each link, we’ve tried to identify what it is about this example that’s good. Concentrate on learning from that, and think of how you can make that quality your own.

Please also keep in mind that we tweak our Mission requirements from semester to semester! These portfolios, while exemplary, might not reflect our current requirements or emphasize the same things that we focus on this semester. When in doubt, check the Mission descriptions or ask us!



  • Paul Mazurek – Uses interesting colors and keeps things short but detailed.
  • Katie Krcmarik – Columns are evenly spaced and used effectively to share information side-by-side.
  • Sara Galbreath – Uses interesting colors and keeps things short.
  • Emily Beski-Threm – Uses images effectively but without taking up too much space.
  • Jeff Layman – Creative image-based résumé.

Annotated Transcript


  • Karle Rewarts – For ideas about thematic organization.
  • Aimee Muscoe – A very clean, nicely organized showcase.
  • Chris Cooke – A sample MAED showcase with great artifacts and organization.
  • Paul Mazurek – Good use of categories to organize the showcase.
  • Stephanie Alexander – Detailed connection of showcase with personal teaching philosophy.

Goal Reflection Essay

  • Jenna Krystyniak – Clearly identifies and contrasts original and current goals
  • Katie Kappler – Reflects on goals that haven’t changed very much and explains why
  • Allison Birbal – Discusses small (but important) changes in goals
  • Jenna Gabel – Draws clear comparisons between initial goals and current goals

Future as a Learner Essay

Synthesis Essay

  • Sarah Higgs-James – Engaging narrative and use of multimedia within Google Docs linked from the landing page
  • Elissa McClain – Clearly connects individual courses with classroom practice
  • James Perry – Neatly sums up the experience of the master’s program as a whole (and not just a collection of classes)
  • Ann Blaauw – This essay effectively weaves together experiences from different classes with the overall program experience and the portfolio experience
  • Janine Baur – Attractive design as well as effective integration of personal reflection and course descriptions.