Detailed Flipgrid Instructions

Basic Posting

On camera, make sure you start each video by saying your name. For example, “Hi, this is Matthew Koehler, and today I’m talking about …. ”

After you record your video, there are a couple of fields to fill out. Make sure you pay particular attention to how we use these fields in the capstone course:

  • First Name – Typically, you will enter the URL of the page you are submitting for review or discussing in your post. This is so that others viewing your entry can also call up the webpage that you are talking about. If you URL is quite long, please consider using a ULR shortening process (like with TinyURL or bitly).
  • Last Name – Enter your first AND last name, so that we can tell who is submitting the entry

App for your Phone

There is a flipgrid app for your phone that you may wish to use instead. Visit the appropriate app store for your phone to download it.

The app may have several advantages over using your computer, in that if you wish to discuss something you see on screen, it is easy to film the screen with your phone and point to what you’re talking about.

If you do use your phone, you will be prompted to “enter a code” to get to the right flipgrid. The code for our class is “msu_capstone.”

Are Links, URL or Web-Addresses being Cut Off or Hidden?

When you reply to someone else’s work in this course, we ask you to visit the webpage they have created by copying the URL (link) they have provided as their first name. This usually appears above their flipgrid video. If the full link isn’t showing try:

  • Make your window as wide as possible
  • Make your text smaller. Most browsers have some sort of “Zoom in” or “Zoom out” function available in the menu. The short cut is usually ‘ctrl -‘ (or ‘Cmd -‘ on a Mac)

If neither of these works, please contact us.

Other Technical Problems

Flipgrid does require flash installed on your computer. It also requires a working camera and microphone – these are things you would need for the exhibition and tech check or office half hours anyway. Consider using your phone if you don’t have one on your desktop. If you have problems beyond simply installing flash, a camera, and a microphone, try the excellent flipgrid support page, or contact us.