Can I use another email address for Gravatar/WordPress?

When we walk you through setting up and updating your Gravatar, we are very insistent that you use your MSU email address as you do so. One of the steps to creating and updating a Gravatar, though, is to create or use a WordPress account, and some of you may already have WordPress accounts that use a different email address—you may even have used that account for previous courses in your program. Can’t you just use that account?

The simple answer: No

In this course (like most of the courses you’ve already taken), your MSU address is your official email identity and our primary means of communication with you. It’s important for us that your Gravatar be associated with your MSU email address.

However, there’s another factor at work here. We use some fairly advanced automation to set up our roster page. It would take a lot of time to add all of your Gravatars by hand after you create them; to reduce that time, the website is set up to grab everyone’s NetID from an official course roster and to put Gravatar placeholders for each of you on our roster page. As you fill in information on, the roster starts filling in the information on our course website. If you don’t set up your Gravatar with your MSU email, the website simply can’t get your information.

The complicated answer: Maybe

While we do need you to have a Gravatar associated with your MSU address, it is possible to associate more than one email address with a Gravatar account. Go to, click on the “My Gravatars” tab at the top of the page, then click on the link allowing you to add another email address. You may have to ensure that your MSU address is the primary address for your account. This is an acceptable option as long as your Gravatar appears properly on our main roster page.

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