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Basic TPACK Information

  • Questions and Answers (Q & A) Have a question about TPACK, or perhaps you can provide answers? How to ask a question Make sure your question is not answered in the FAQ (below) Check to see if your question was not already answered in the comments below Scroll down to the bottom of this page, and type in your question as a Facebook comment ...
  • TPACK Explained TPACK is the knowledge teachers use to integrate technology in their teaching. Each of the seven components of the TPACK framework are explained.

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TPACK Tutorials

  • TPACK in 3 minutes An accessible overview video of the tpack framework from (A year in the life of an English Teacher).

Developing TPACK

  • Developing TPACK An overview of the many approaches to developing pre- and in-service teachers’ TPACK.

Assessment and Measurement

Bibliography & Literature Reviews

Other TPACK Sites

  • The TPACK Game Play the TPACK GAME! – We give you two of the circles filled in, you come up with the third to make sound pedagogy!
  • SITE Keynote on TPACK Teachers, Creativity & TPACK (The SITE 2008, Keynote presentation) – A 45 minute interactive presentation by Matt and Punya. Check it out!
  • TPACK Merchandise Get TPACK merchandise, like shirts, coffee cups and more. Be the cool researcher at your next TPACK related conference or event.
  • Learning Activity Types A virtual place for folks interested in learning to “operationalize TPACK” (Technology, Pedagogy, and Content Knowledge) via curriculum-based learning activity types (‘LATs’) to get up-to-date information. Visit the website
  • TPACK Cases TPACK Cases (video-based teaching cases focused on TPACK) are available on The Practitioner’s Guide to TPACK.
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