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The community of teachers, researchers, and others interested in TPACK is diverse and growing. There are a number of ways to interact with others about TPACK. In this post, we highlight four of the ways – 1) Facebook, 2) Twitter, 3) Mendeley, and 4) sections of the site – in which is involved with social media. If there are other ways you or others are discussing TPACK, we would love to hear about and share them here.


A poll conducted on asked “Should there be a TPACK Facebook group or page?” to determine which would best suit the needs of the community. It was close, but a Facebook group received the most votes (41%). Consequently, we will continue to use the Facebook group for TPACK (at This is a great place to share TPACK news and information.


Mendeley is publication management software in which there is an active group. We created a short video to demonstrate how you can add publications – your own or others’ whose publications are not in the group – here on You can also post comments and questions and answers in the group for others to answer


There is an active TPACK community on Twitter. Search Twitter for TPACK or use #TPACK to learn, share, and interact with others interested in teaching with technology.

In addition to the Facebook group, Twitter community, and the Mendeley group, the questions and answers section on is a good place to ask general questions about TPACK-related topics. In addition, comments are enabled for all of the pages on; we encourage relevant or specific questions or comments here, in to in the questions and answers section.

Links to the Facebook and Mendeley group, and Twitter search, are available in the right column (under “Social Links”) of every page of In addition to those links, there is a link for an RSS feed, which will allow those interested to subscribe to blog posts (like this one) with an RSS reader. Again, If there are other ways you or others are discussing TPACK, we would love to hear about and share them here! We also welcome and invite you to write articles about your areas of interest and expertise)

Dr. Matthew J. Koehler (, Executive Editor

Joshua M. Rosenberg (, Assistant Editor

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