Module 12 – Finishing – (Nov 27-Dec 6)

Module 12 is the end of the course! In this module, you will read about the final steps you need to complete to finish the course. Please pay close attention to dates and deadlines, as they are extremely important.

The Module 12 video gives you a lighthearted look at where you are in the course. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Activities in this module are due by December 6th (at or before 11:59 PM Michigan Time). Please be aware that grades are due to the registrar so extensions are not possible in Module 12.

Basic Assignment(s)

1️⃣ 📌 Understand the process

While your portfolio will be going through final grading this week, it is not the end! This is a process of submitting, receiving a grade, and then (possibly) re-submitting and re-grading. When you are satisfied with your grade, you’re done!

Keep in mind, however, that we have to submit grades to the registrar on time, so it is imperative that you know when the deadlines are.

2️⃣ 📌 Deadlines and timing for finishing your portfolio

Here’s what you need to know to complete your portfolio.

  1. End of Exhibition through December 1st: Work on Changes – Work on changes to your portfolio, whether they were inspired by a comment from the exhibition, from your buddy check, or by something you thought of weeks ago but haven’t had time to implement. Finish up pages from earlier assignments or include some of the optional module work you’ve been wanting to add. Be sure to finish your Pieces of Flair (and post them to Flipgrid), too. Your instructors will begin grading portfolios no later than the morning Dec 2nd. If there’s anything that you’d like your instructors to know as they go over your portfolio (extra Pieces of Flair you’ve done, technical problems you’ve had, responses to mid-semester feedback, etc.), feel free to send us an email! Please consider submitting your portfolio earlier than that if you are ready, especially if you can be ready for grading before Thanksgiving (see “the pile” below)
  2. “The pile” – The exhibitions you completed in Module 11 were spread out over a number of days, and some of you were at different places in your portfolio progression even before going into your exhibition. The combination of these two factors means that you might be a little bit ahead of or behind your classmates with getting your portfolios ready for final grading. With that in mind, we encourage you to let us know if you’d like to be at the top (ready for grading early) or the bottom (prefer to be graded later) of “the pile”.

    Here “the pile” is just a virtual list of portfolios to be graded, and you can be placed near the top or the bottom of that list. How much sooner or later you get graded really depends on a few other things, so we can’t guarantee much, but we can try to accommodate you as much as possible.
  3. On or before Dec 3rd: Receive feedback – You will receive feedback from your instructors. This will include:
    • Your preliminary course grade
    • Feedback and comments about your portfolio
    • Any changes you might make to change your grade
  4. Dec 3rd-6th: Revisions (if needed) – You will fit into one of two categories at this point:
    • You are happy with your grade. If this is you, you have no more revisions to make (at least, none for us!). We hope that you choose to keep this website active, but certainly understand the need for a break before continuing to tweak and add to it.
    • You want to make revisions for a higher grade. If this is you, please revise based on the feedback you have been given.

    Whichever category you fit into, we ask that you email us before the end of the day on August 15th (or sooner if possible!) to detail the changes that you’ve made or to let us know that we shouldn’t be expecting any changes. Then, as necessary, we will re-assess your portfolio and adjust your grade accordingly!

3️⃣ 📌 Complete your course evaluations (SIRS)

We’re almost done with the course, but there is still one very important thing you can do for us, your instructors. We have gone on (and on!) about the importance of feedback throughout this course and take this belief to heart for ourselves, too! Course evaluations are important in part because they figure into the annual review process of University faculty and teaching assistants. But more importantly, they help improve the course and our craft as teachers.

  • FOR MAET (CEP 807) STUDENTS – The university will send you a link to their online course evaluations sometime soon, or you can visit sirsonline. You do not have to do anything here in the course, but please do opt-in and fill out the online University SIRS which will be sent to you.
  • FOR MAED (ED 870 STUDENTS) – Please fill our SIRS using this anonymous online survey.

📈 Grading & rubrics

As your instructors grade your portfolio, here is a reminder of what they use as criteria to grade. We encourage you to refer to the portfolio rubrics to guide your revisions and your finishing touches.


🔍 About Pieces of Flair

Please do not create your own Pieces of Flair without checking with us first! If you have a Piece of Flair in mind that’s not on the list, contact us using the link in the menu, and we’ll be happy to work with you.

Pieces of Flair are portfolio components that should add value, personality, and diversity to your portfolio. There are a few things to keep in mind about Pieces of Flair.

  • Number of Pieces of Flair Required – Every portfolio is required to add a minimum of three Pieces of Flair to their portfolio before the end of the semester (not 15 or 37!). Please keep in mind that there is a level of effort and quality that we expect to accompany a Piece of Flair. You can read more about what does / can qualify in the final bullet point, below.
  • How to Choose – Choose the Pieces of Flair that make the most sense for your portfolio, keeping in mind your intended audience and how you’ll want to use your portfolio after the end of this course. Do NOT simply choose to do the Pieces of Flair that look the easiest to complete. Please also keep in mind that your three Flair pages should be new creations, not something that already exists (e.g., an existing LinkedIn, blog, or About.Me online business card).
  • Extra Credit is Available – Up to five extra points can be obtained in the course by making Pieces of Flair beyond the minimum number. Points awarded this way depend upon the number and quality of extra Pieces of Flair completed. If you complete extra Pieces of Flair, please post them to the same place in Flipgrid where you posted your third Piece of Flair (see below for link).
  • Due Dates & Grading – We recommend the following timing to stay on track with Pieces of Flair. While there are not late penalties associated with Pieces of Flair, it is in your best interest to try to stick to this schedule in order to stay on pace to successfully complete the course. When you complete a Piece of Flair, you will let us (and your classmates!) know by posting to one of three special Flipgrids:
    Like every Flipgrid posting, after you post your video reflection, make sure you reply to two others who have posted a piece of flair on the same Flipgrid.
  • Grading Pieces of Flair – We do not assess Pieces of Flair as they come in. However, like the rest of your portfolio, we assume that they are works in progress, and we don’t want to interrupt that progress by putting a number on it. We’ll take a look at your Pieces of Flair when we do mid-semester feedback, but even then you won’t see any points for your Pieces of Flair until the end of the semester.
  • Pre-Approved Pieces of Flair vs. Making your Own – We have organized the Pieces of Flair into some broad categories. Make sure you scroll to see all the Pieces of Flair available to you, and click on the titles or icons to read more about the Piece of Flair and associated expectations.
    Please do not create your own Pieces of Flair without checking with us first! If you have a Piece of Flair in mind that’s not on the list, contact us using the link in the menu, and we’ll be happy to work with you.

Pre-approved Professional Presence Pieces of Flair

Please do not create your own Pieces of Flair without checking with us first! If you have a Piece of Flair in mind that’s not on the list, contact us using the link in the menu, and we’ll be happy to work with you.
LinkedIn logo Professional Online Identity – Unlike most social networks, LinkedIn is dedicated to the world of work. That doesn’t mean that you can’t post the results to your latest Buzzfeed quiz, but it will look a little bit out of place next to the job recommendations and professional advice that everyone else is posting. A carefully-crafted LinkedIn profile can serve as an easy way to connect with other professionals in your field and to let potential employers find and learn about you.
About.me_icon Online Business Card – If LinkedIn is an online resumé, think of as your online business card. This site allows you to craft a succinct, attractive, and memorable homepage that you can use to link to the rest of your Web presence.
about_me About Me Page – A well-crafted About Me page on your portfolio can give your readers a concise and clear image of who you are as a professional. This page can also allow you to show off your personal side, family, hobbies, or talents.
biography Professional Biography – An professional biography is a short summary of your credentials, achievements, interests, and connection to a conference, publication, or other place where you or your work may be presented.


Active Blog – Your professional presence could be strengthened by expressing your ideas with the world through a blog. Blogs do not need to be about one specific topic; they can be places to generate and share ideas, update others on accomplishments, and to keep track of attendance at conferences and professional development opportunities.


Pre-Approved Classroom Teaching and Practice Pieces of Flair

8745278368_d536344fd2_h Gallery of Student Work – Few things can tell your story as an educator better than the voices of your students as evidenced in their work. If you’re a classroom teacher, consider adding a gallery that showcases the work that your students do. This is one way your portfolio may help connect you to parents, fellow teachers, and even administrators.
classroom About My Classroom – Almost everyone will have an “About Me” page on their portfolio, but not everyone will have an “About My Classroom” page. Now is your chance to make one! The goal of this page is to convey to parents, fellow teachers, and prospective employers what your classroom looks like in theory and in practice.
Philosophy Teaching Philosophy – Developing a written teaching philosophy provides a wonderful opportunity to reflect on your teaching values, beliefs, and goals. A teaching philosophy is a vehicle to communicate your educational beliefs and standards to a wider audience in a compelling manner.
8745278368_d536344fd2_h Gallery of Links – One of the ways you can be an effective teacher is to help direct students to high-quality resources to supplement their learning. In creating a gallery of links, you create a library of “teacher-approved” websites for your students (or their parents) to use for self-directed, lifelong learning.


Pre-Approved Employment / Career Seeking Pieces of Flair

text Cover Letter – A cover letter showcases your ability to communicate skill sets and experiences you have that qualify you for a certain job. Whether you are looking at a particular job or would just like to have a sample cover letter ready to be tweaked when another opportunity comes around, writing a cover letter is a good exercise that will allow you to apply for a job you have in mind or reflect on what jobs you might like to have in the future.
check Professional Development Transcript – If you work in education, you’ve likely participated in a variety of different programs and certifications through training days and choice learning. Since there is not always a convenient place to list these on your resumé, consider making a comprehensive document along the lines of the Annotated Transcript that lists and describes your additional achievements and qualifications.
badge Badges – Mozilla Open Badges is a platform that offers a place to demonstrate technical (and other) skills in a single place. You may be interested in earning and displaying badges that serve as digital credentials for your real-world skills and achievements.

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