What are the results from the introductory survey?

One pedagogical principle is to “know your students,” and a related principle is to “know what your students know and don’t know.” Another principle is to create a learning community within your classes.

The initial survey helps us plan this course, but we would like to encourage you to also consider this as an example of using a technology. In this case, a Web-based survey can quickly provide you with lots of information about your students and allow you to share the results via the Web to foster discussion or reflection among students in the class.

As you view these survey results, think about your own answers to the survey questions and see where you fit into the larger class demographic. There are others like you—you’re not the only one without webpage experience (or the only webpage expert), and you’re not the only one teaching your subject—but there is a lot of diversity in our course as well.

Click to see the survey results for FALL 2020 .

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