About.me Piece of Flair


This Piece of Flair focuses on the web hosting service about.me.

You already have a portfolio in development, so why would you need another website? While your portfolio contains information about you, your master’s degree, and your profession, sometimes the amount of potential information to share can be overwhelming. Consider creating an about.me site if you want a quick, easy, and streamlined way to network with people not only online but also in the real world. You can also use your about.me as a quick shortcut to your portfolio and other aspects of your online identity (like LinkedIn and other social network platforms) by adding the URL to a business card or resumé.

We do not recommend that you rely on an about.me page to be your main online presence: Rather, it works best as an over-arching homepage. That is, it might be the first page that someone sees while looking you up on the Internet, but it should quickly refer that person to one of your more solid or permanent presences on the Web. Keep things concise enough that people will want to follow through to keep learning about you, but informative enough that if someone doesn’t click through to your portfolio, they’ll still learn the most important things about you.


Begin by heading over to about.me and creating a new profile.

Explore about.me’s different features and include the following:

  • a picture
  • a short description to make an effective “online business card”
  • different ways to connect about.me to your capstone portfolio
  • different ways to connect with other websites/social networking profiles

Like all Pieces of Flair, you may not use existing work to complete this unless you’ve demonstrated to a TA that you will be making significant changes or improvements.

Relationship to Other Pieces of Flair

Consider how you could link your about.me to your “LinkedIn” profile or your “Active Blog.”

If this doesn’t sound like a good fit for your portfolio, please see other Pieces of Flair for ideas that might work better for you.