How can I adapt the course to fit my needs?

Here are some of the ways you can adapt the course to meet your goals:

  • Differing levels of technical expertise. Several of you have never published Web pages, but there’s nothing to worry about. Many students from previous semesters also began without this expertise and did just fine. Others of you are experts in Web publishing. We will be asking all of you, especially those experienced in Web publishing, to help each other (more on this later).
  • Different paces for completing work. Some of you would like to work quickly, complete your portfolios, and be done. Because this course is so strongly product oriented, our policy is to let you work ahead as far as you want and as quickly as you want: There should be nothing that requires you to “work back” to the rest of your classmates. However, most of you should have ample opportunities to provide feedback to your peers, and we expect you to take that responsibility seriously. Even if you are working ahead of the rest of your house, we encourage you to keep the communication channels open and stay involved in the feedback process.
  • Different portfolios for different situations. Each student has a different background, profession, and experience. Accordingly, each student portfolio should look different. We want each of you to create a portfolio that works for you. Although we will ask each of you to create some standard pages, we will also ask you to choose some pages that best fit your needs and situation (we call these “pieces of flair“). Even on the “standard” pages that everyone creates, there is room for creativity and individuality.
  • Diversity works best when others benefit from it. The power of Web-based portfolios comes from sharing good work via the Web over time with a community of learners. You will learn a lot in Module 1 because the students before you left their work up on the Web for you to see. Related to this idea is our commitment to your doing authentic work for an authentic audience. Your portfolio should be designed to best reach your fellow teachers, parents, prospective employers, etc. Our guidelines are to facilitate reflection and enhancement, not to restrict or suggest a “right” way to do anything.

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