Gallery of Links

8745278368_d536344fd2_h One of the ways you can be an effective teacher is to help direct students to high-quality resources to supplement their learning. In creating a gallery of links, you create a library of “teacher-approved” websites for your students to use for self-directed, lifelong learning.


  • Make a new page for your portfolio called “Gallery of Links,” “Useful Websites”, or something similar
  • Select at least ten sites that you can recommend to your students or that are related to your teaching. Do not provide more than 20, or the list becomes too overwhelming
  • Pay careful attention to the quality of the sites that you choose; your audience is looking to you to provide the “best” sites.
  • For each site, provide the name of the site, a link to the site, and a couple of sentences about why you have chosen that site.

Example Entry (related to Dr. Koehler’s teaching)

Social Science Knowledge Base (SSKB) on Research Design – The SSKB is a great site to help students learn about the strengths and weaknesses of various quantitative research designs. It covers issues of reliability and validity as well as the difference between experimental- and quasi-experimental designs. The site is useful for graduate students designing their first research studies.

If this doesn’t sound like a good fit for your portfolio, please see other Pieces of Flair for ideas that might work better for you.