How do I attribute images?

The great thing about the Internet is that it’s really easy to find attractive pictures for your portfolio. The tricky thing about the Internet, though, is that:

  1. it’s not always easy to tell if you’re allowed to use the attractive pictures that you find, and
  2. it’s not always clear how you’re supposed to cite images that aren’t your own.

Overview Video

We’ve made a short video to give you an overview of some of the issues regarding the use of images on your website and some common solutions that work for most students.

Can I use a specific image?

Are you confused about whether or not you can use a specific image? Consult the flowchart below to help you determine what you can or can’t use: Click on the image to bring up a larger version or click here for the article that originally accompanied the flowchart.

Flowchart to help decide if you can use an image or not

Common Attribution Methods

We try to avoid being too prescriptive here in the Capstone Portfolio Course; as professionals, it’s critical that you learn the issues yourselves and develop your own strategies related to image attribution and intellectual property. However, the following strategies have worked well in the past:

Additional Resources

There are also a few other resources that might be helpful as you find images for your portfolio:

  • Creative Commons is a licensing scheme that gives everyone permission to use media as long as they give credit to the original creator. The Creative Commons website has some advice on how to best write image credits.
  • Lifehacker has a helpful article that provides important advice on making sure that you’re using images legally.
  • Lesson 6 of the Web Design for Professional Portfolios series has information on copyright and accessibility.

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