Should I Make a New Website for the Capstone Portfolio?

Many of you have created a portfolio for another class or have an existing professional or personal website. In taking the Capstone Portfolio Course, then, you might wonder if you have to create a new site just for this course.

We think there is good reason to integrate the capstone work into an existing site whenever possible. We don’t advocate maintaining multiple websites for no reason. That said, there may be good reasons to make a new website. Maybe you want to learn a new technology (e.g., Weebly or WordPress) and the Capstone Portfolio Course is an opportunity to help you do that. Maybe you envision a different audience for the Capstone Course than for your existing website and you want to keep them separate.

So, what should you do? The answer is simple—it’s up to you. If that means adding pages to an existing website or modifying some part of it in instances where elements of a resumé, a transcript, or something else already exist, that’s fine with us. If you want to make a new site in order to keep professional, personal, and academic lives separate, that’s okay with us, too.

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