Rubric Resumé

As you design your resumé, please use the following standards to guide your work. These represent the particular criteria that your instructors will use to evaluate your portfolio.

  • Adaptation to Web – Is your resumé concise, and does it take advantages of the affordances of the Internet? Remember, you can have more detail and keep traditional formatting on a PDF version. Make sure you are using the opportunities afforded by presenting it online, too.
  • Formatting consistency – Do you use bullet points, headers, language, and other features effectively and consistently?
  • Text consistency – Do you use spelling, grammar, word choice (including acronyms), and punctuation correctly?
  • Resumé organization – Is your resumé effectively organized and in a logical order?
  • Availability and accessibility – Is your resumé available and accessible? Please add a downloadable version (such as a PDF) that is integrated nicely with your design, and usable by readers.

Common issues

  • Acronyms – Remember that people outside your program or workplace might not understand all the terms and acronyms you use. It’s always a good idea to “spell out” an acronym the first time you use it, and you should also consider defining terms that aren’t commonly used.
  • Placement of link to downloadable PDF – Consider having the link to your downloadable resumé at the top of the page. It’s more likely to be noticed that way.
  • Just the highlights – Please also note that our intent is not to have you duplicate your full, downloadable resumé on your portfolio page. Avoid complete replication by focusing on the highlights.
  • Personal Information – Consider not including personal information like phone numbers or addresses (for you or your references).
  • No Word Documents – Please do not distribute the printable version of your resumé as a Word doc; a PDF is much more accessible (and less likely to have virus-related problems!).
  • More than an Embedded Document – We are looking for more than an embedded document (like Scribd or Google Docs) for your resumé. There are many affordance of the web (links, colors, design options) that aren’t available if you only embed a document. Please take advantage of those affordances by allowing your resumé to have its own page.