Rubric Transcript

As you design your Annotated Transcript, please use the following standards to guide your work. These represent the particular criteria that your instructors will use to evaluate your transcript.

  • Layout and Organization: Are the layout, organization, and (if included) multimedia of your transcript page engaging and effective?
  • Semesters and Years: Does your transcript include the semester and year that each course was taken?
  • Course Titles and Numbers: Does your transcript include course titles in all entries? (e.g. CEP807 – Capstone Portfolio Course)
  • Course Instructors: Does your transcript include (correct) names for instructors in all classes? (e.g., Dr. Matthew Koehler or Matthew Koehler, instead of M. Koehler)
  • Course Descriptions: Does your transcript include course descriptions that are of the appropriate length (4-6 sentences) and quality?

Common issues

  • Use of acronyms – Remember that people outside your program or workplace might not understand all the terms and acronyms you use. It’s always a good idea to “spell out” an acronym the first time you use it, and you should also consider defining terms that aren’t commonly used.
  • Point of View – Make sure there is consistent use of pronouns (we/I) in the course descriptions.
  • Use of Titles – Ideally, you’ll know who’s a “Dr.” and who isn’t and what everyone’s first name is. However, while it’s less ideal, simply being consistent (e.g. no “Dr.’s” or first names altogether) is better than being incorrect.
  • Links to Sample Work – Because of the focus of this page, we strongly recommended not adding any work samples or links to work samples on this page. We suggest that you add these and other work samples to your showcase.