Why peer-to-peer buddy checks?

While you have had opportunities to provide and receive feedback in Flipgrid and while your instructors have provided you with feedback throughout the semester via your feedback notebooks, we think it very valuable to have another round of detailed peer feedback before our Exhibitions. While you will not be in the role of grading, you will hopefully be able to gather insight and ideas about your own portfolio through helping others.

Why peer to peer instead of instructor to student?

This assignment is intended as a rich learning opportunity for the person giving the feedback as well as for the recipient. Our hope is that the experience of judging complex work, like these portfolios, will encourage your thinking about how to hold such evaluations of work of your own portfolio and your own students.

You will end with a sense of how much time it takes to form fair and thoughtful judgments of artifacts like portfolios, for which there are no right answers or bell-shaped curves. We truly hope you feel this assignment is fruitful for your own thinking.

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