Why a future as a learner essay?

In this deliberately broad assignment, we ask you to look to your future as a lifelong learner and write a “projective” essay about how your experiences in this master’s program have influenced your approach to lifelong learning and how you envision yourself continuing to learn. Life and learning continue beyond the master’s program—in this time of rapid technological change and globalization, how will you keep learning and growing as an educator? Formal professional development workshops may very well be a part of your personal learning plan, but they may not be enough, so consider what other face-to-face and online resources you have at your disposal as you manage your professional development and lifelong learning.

One important requirement is to focus on specific future goals, plans, and associated resources for after the program. Please share with us some of the specifics that you have in mind—if there is a book you want to read, a topic you want to explore, or a class (formal or informal) you want to take, we want you to have an opportunity to express those here.