Why try out new technologies?

We all learn a lot by tinkering with and trying out what we want to get better at. However, depending on your previous experience with Web design, what you tinker with in this module will be a little different.

If you’ve never made a website before or want to make a new website for your portfolio, the goal for you this module is to try out two technologies. This should allow you to test tools for creating a portfolio and work toward a decision about what authoring service you will use to complete your portfolio. Your second goal is to see if you can create, or re-create, some of the features you liked from last semester’s portfolios and to evaluate each Web authoring software in comparison to its alternatives.

If you already have a website that you plan on using for your portfolio, go ahead and try technologies that enrich your existing website. These days, it’s pretty straightforward to use a combination of technologies to create your Web presence, and we want you to get some experience with that. You’ll play with technologies that are new to you but will still push you towards creating something better.