Why Look at Past Portfolios?

In Module 1 you look portfolios from the previous semester, and you may also consider looking at these portfolios at other times. Why? There are several reasons.

  • Better picture of the goal — You may have only a vague understanding of what a capstone portfolio might look like at this point. By looking at some finished portfolios, you will develop a much better understanding of your final goal in this course: a portfolio to be proud of!
  • Appreciation of features — By looking in depth at portfolios, you will be able to think about what features go into making a good portfolio. Is it aesthetics? Easy navigation? Good content? By looking somewhat analytically at the evaluation of “good portfolios,” you will start to develop your own design sensibilities.
  • A source for ideas — Looking at past portfolios will likely give you plenty of good ideas that you may want to use in your own portfolios. If you see something you like, bookmark it!
  • Accolades for previous students — Students who finished the course would love to have some feedback and praise from you if you liked their portfolio as part of this review process. When you’re ready, contact the author of your favorite portfolio. That email will reward that previous student for all their hard work. Hopefully you’ll receive an email next semester, too!

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