Why create a thematic showcase?

Why create a showcase?

Have you ever felt like your were only doing work to “get things done?” Have you ever wondered who—outside your classmates and instructors—would ever see what you have been creating along the master’s journey? This is your chance to address those questions! We want you to identify your best, favorite, or most compelling work and showcase it so that others may know what you have been doing and are capable of creating.

Why organize the artifacts around themes?

Perhaps a collection of eight objects alone could give someone an idea of your work quality and ethic, but we think that if the work is organized around themes or ideas, it will be much easier for an outsider (your principal, your colleagues, your students, your family, etc.) to better understand the great work you have done. Thus, we ask you to consider how to group your pieces (both thematically and physically on the page) to best highlight your hard work. This can be done in a variety of ways, so let your creative juices flow!